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Interior / Exterior | 24-12-2021

The Holiday Makeover

It's the holiday season. A season to celebrate joy and spread happiness all around you. Be it the food you prepare, your family gathering or the colourful decorations you put in your house. Everything you do gets your family together.

While we decorate our homes, why not give the walls a makeover? A little DIY activity for the family? After all, spending quality time with your friends and family is what Christmas is all about.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas and the New year approaching soon!

A traditional Christmas

Interior paint colours create an impact on your mood. So, paint your walls with a nostalgic and homely feeling with shades of red, green, and white colours for your walls. Top it up with a green Christmas tree decorated with red & golden ornaments and lights hanging around in the house.


A white holiday season

Have you been thinking of taking a different route than your traditional Christmas look? What bout white Christmas?

Paint your walls with different shades of white and pair them with a white tree decorated with white ornaments and hints of gold and red.


New year, new walls

It's almost 2022 and, the perfect place to start with a change is your interior home decor.

While your walls set a mood for the season, they also represent your personality. So, while you are selecting colours to paint your walls for 2022, make sure you choose the ones that speak about you. Here are some ideas that you can explore.


Complimenting the season with winter shades

If you are someone who loves winter more than any other season, look at shades of blue, grey and white. Colours like; Wintertime, Winter Day, Blue hint, Houseboat view, Twilight walk, Morocco blue and Shadow & light. These will also help you bring a sense of calmness, hope and peace when at home.


Can't wait for summer 2022?

Paint your home interiors with shades of yellow, orange, and red and bring home the warmth of summer. Are you still wondering what colour combinations will go together?

How about combining Silken stand with Blazing ember or Radiant mood with River stones?


Or would you want to go green for 2022?

Get the forest feels in the comfort of your home. The interior home decor that you choose helps you create a mood. So, if you enjoy nature's company, it's time for you to opt for colours that bring the same feeling home.

You can go with shades of green like Energy muse, Forest flurry, Jade temple and match them with brown shades like, Rugged hill, Earthy Palette or Mural art.


Well, now that you got a few inspirational ideas, it's time to give your home a complete makeover. Whatever theme you choose, make sure they are the right mix of shades for your home, shades that represent you. All without worrying about which paint shade costs higher than the other because we offer all shades at the same price. Would like to know more about it? We are just one call away. Ring us at 1800 121 5797.

Happy holidays to you all!

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