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Captivating Home Color Themes for Ganesh Chaturthi : A guide by JSW Paints

Ganesh Chaturthi, heralds the beginning of the festive season in India and brings with it an air of festivity, devotion, and unity. As the occasion draws near, we seek creative ways to infuse our living spaces with the vibrant spirit of the festival.

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Pink Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls: 10 Stunning Ideas
Infuse your bedroom with a touch of elegance and warmth by incorporating pink color combinations for the walls. Pink, a versatile and soothing hue, has the potential to create a serene environment when harmoniously paired with complementary shades.
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10 Modern Two-Colour Living Room Combinations
A living room is the first space that people see upon entering the house. It is a space where you tend to spend a lot of time and invite guests. Therefore, it is natural that you would want it to look its best at first glance.
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Glam up your walls with Vogue from JSW Paints
New year is considered to be one of the biggest celebrations in India.The new year comes with a lot of changes but changing your entire house can be a challenge but changing a few elements can give it a fresh revamped look. Enter the year with our exclusive pick of home paint colours for 2023.
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Diwali Décor Across India
Diwali is a grandiose festival celebrated in many parts of India by people of various faiths. They celebrate it by lighting 'diyas' around the house and adorning the exterior walls with bright and colourful fairy lights.
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Creating a Ganesh Chaturthi Vibe at Home
The onset of the festive season brings along bright spirited cheer, good vibes, positivity, and lots of happiness. It is the ideal time and occasion to give your home a festive makeover. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India.
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Renovate Your Walls With JSW Paints Waterproofing Solution and be Monsoon Ready!
Monsoons are the nicest time of the year in India as they bring fresh air of relief after the scorching summers. They are characterised by lush greenery, pleasant scent of damp roads as well as thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy showers.
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Colours and decor inspiration from India’s most famous architectural gems
India - a tourism hub for culture, colour and a trove of design. Our palaces are treasure houses of inspiration, our architecture is breath-taking, and our love for colours, unparalleled.
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popular colour combinations for home interior painting
Colours bring a different vibe and ambience to your room. Your home interior paint colours  represent interests, dislikes, and your personality. Colour  has the power to evoke different moods, vibes and each one of them tells a story.
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